Adoption Process


Due to the high demand for our puppies, we maintain a wait-list for future litters. We close wait lists once we have received six deposits for our medium to standard size dogs and four deposits for our miniature to small-medium size dogs.

Paying the Deposit - We are able to accept deposits to be placed on a waitlist for future litters. A $200 deposit is necessary to secure a place on any suitable wait lists. This deposit is non-refundable however there is some scope to transfer your deposit to a later litter.

Priority Payments - If you are interested in purchasing a puppy that has undergone personality testing (at 6 wks) or would like to have a priority selection, we ask for an additional surcharge of $500 at the time of the deposit. This will prioritise your family for a pick of the litter once the puppies are born [with the exception that Burrinjuck Labradoodles reserve the right to retain any puppies for their own program].   Families that have made a priority payment still choose a gender and colour at birth. They are then able to wait up to 6 weeks to select an individual puppy from within the gender and colour chosen at birth.The advantage of this option is that it can be difficult to determine personality attributes until 6 wks of age. Burrinjuck Labradoodles are able to offer a personality assessment of your puppy at 6 weeks of age to determine the suitability for specific needs and therapy training purposes.

The number of priority payments is capped at two families per litter. Please note that the additional surcharge of $500 to be placed on a priority waitlist will increase the total price of your puppy to $3000.

A Summary of Costs
  • A $200 non refundable deposit in order to be placed on a wait-list. +/-  $500 priority deposit.

  • A $500 confirmation payment, paid at time of birth in order to confirm the desire for a puppy.

  • A $300 installment payment to cover the Veterinary Fees. This amount is paid to Burrinjuck Labradoodles by four weeks.

  • The balance owing of $1500 is paid prior to pick-up/delivery of the puppy at 8 weeks of age.

Step 1: Deposit

A $200 deposit to secure a place on a waitlist.

Step 2: Priority 

Option to pay an additional $500 for a priority selection.

Step 3: Email

Send information regarding your preferences in a puppy.

Step 4: Birth of Pups

Families are notified regarding new litters and available puppies..

Step 5: Confirmation

Families confirm desire to purchase a puppy from litter.

Step 6: Updates

Regular photos and updates during the 8 weeks that your puppy is in our care.

Help us get to know you.

We would appreciate a little more information about yourself and your lifestyle. We would also like to know a little more about your preferences in a puppy. This allows us to put your name down for the most appropriate litters going forward. We can make no guarantee of the gender, colour, coat type or number of the puppies that will become available but use this information to send you notifications of appropriate litters once they are born.

Notification of new litters.

When a suitable litter is born, we notify families IN ORDER OF THE DATE THAT WE HAVE RECEIVED THEIR DEPOSIT. This gives that family a slight advantage in being able to pre-select a puppy in terms of gender and colour. Please note that this is only applicable for families who have paid a pet price. Families who have paid the additional priority selection payment have priority in being notified.

Confirmation Payment.

After the puppies are born, we begin notifying the people on the wait-list. Families are required to get back to me asap if they would like to go ahead with the purchase of a puppy. We allocate individual puppies to families in the order that we receive written confirmation of a desire to purchase an individual puppy from a litter. We also require another instalment of $500 as a confirmation payment at this time. We do not hold puppies without an email or message that confirms intent to purchase a puppy from a litter accompanied by the $500 payment.